Does a retailer have to tell you about a sale item that you choose in their store.

A retailer has to charge you the sale price if the price that you choose in their store is on sale. They cannot hide from you the fact that the item is on sale.

Does a retailer have to honor sales prices if you make you purchase before the sale starts?

No, because the item is not on sale yet. However, some merchants choose to do this for good public relations. If you’ve already purchased the item at full price, you can return it and then repurchase it at the sale price.

What is a store retailer?

A store retailer is considered the middle man in a sale; therefore, there are other levels of the sale to be considered. The retailer buys from the wholesaler then sells to the consumer. So, the order of design is theproduct/service, the wholesaler to the retailer to the consumer. The price the consumer pays suppose to cover the costs of the retailer, the wholesaler, and the product/service itself.

If you put a deposit can you buy something different from what you originally wanted?

It is down to the discretion of the retailer. If you have ordered a product by placing a deposit on it the retailer has potentially paid for that item – if you want another item then the retailer may not have a ”sale of return” agreement with their supplier, Its advisable to contact the retailer – Generally most will be happy to supply an alternative as an act of good will.

If an item in a retail store is mistakenly placed on a Sale table by a customer or staff then someone wants to buy that item is there a law that states that that item must be sold at the sale price?

I have had the same situation where i found an item on a sale table but when i checked, it was placed there in error. The law applies to an item that is priced as on sale or has a sign that specifics a sale. The item must be sold by law at the price indicated even if in error.

What are the different types of distribution channel?

wholesaler, brick and motor store, agent, internet, retailer and direct sale

Where can someone find the Lego Star Wars Brickmaster for sale?

Lego Star Wars Brickmaster can be found for sale at your local toy store. A big box retailer or large chain book store may also carry them. There are also several places online that offer them for sale.

If you purchase an item and it later goes on sale can you get the sale price without returning the item and then repurchasing it?

most places will honor it if you bring in your receipt the will just refund the difference make sure to check store policies each store has a different time length.

Where might one find a digital audio recorder at a reasonable price?

A digital audio recorder can be purchased from any retailer who sells small electronics. Retailers such as Best Buy ad Circuit City have this item for sale. Online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon also have this item listed as being for sale.

A furniture store has an item with an original price of 840 on sale at 15 percent off find the sale price of the item?

Easy 15%: 10% = 84, 5% = half that = 42 total reduction 126 so sale price = 714

What are the average percentage difference between wholesale and retail?

Usually Retail can be anywhere from 50% to 40% higher than wholesale. This allows the retailer to adjust the price for sale or discount. This would be the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. So on a $100 dollar item mfg. suggested retail price, the Retailer probably paid $50 or $60 dollars for it . This allows a margin for the item to be discounted for single or quantity sales. Think this way. If you see a…

What is the average labor cost percentage in a retail store?

I have a retailer store in Illinois and it costs me between 20 – 25% on average. However, when the sale goes up, the labor cost decrease dramaticly.

What if your store is having a sale on all durable goods Which item would most likely be reduced in price during the sale?

Candy or food product

What is a John Lewis price match?

John Lewis guarantee that they will match the price of any item they sell with the lowest price that any of their competitors are offering. If the item is on sale in another store then they will drop their prices to match their sale prices.

How can you find shoes for sale in Ottawa?

There are many places one might go to find shoes for sale in Ottawa. In addition to the local shoe store, one might also try shopping at the discount retailer Amazon.

Do you have to pay California sales tax on the restocking fee?

It depends. If the restocking fee is a percentage of the sale price then the percentage will be taken from the total sale, including the tax. In other words you refund will include a prorated portion of the tax. If it is a fixed amount such as $20 then it must exclude tax or the retailer will be in violation of the tax code and be liable for the full amount taxed on the sale…

On foopets how do you put items up for sale?

To put an item up for sale, click on your ”Inventory” tab. Find the item you wish to sell, and click ”sell this item”. It will trigger a pop-up window in which you may enter the virtual currency you wish to sell the item for. You may choose FooDollars, FooGems, or both. Click ”sell” after double-checking your selections.

Where can one find Scaffold poles for sale?

One may find scaffold poles for sale at any hardware store or home improvement retailer. The include Home Hardware, Rona, Lowe’s, Home Depot and Canadian Tire.

Is your policy to give a 30 day period in which you can get a refund if the item goes on sale?

If this is the stated policy of the merchant, then it must be done. Any stated policy is simply good customer relations. Legally, the store does not have to refund your money if the item goes on sale.

If a manufactured appliance sits unsold in a warehouse for several years at what point does retailer need to disclose it’s not new to potential customers?

The retailer never needs to disclose that in this case because, if it hasn’t been sold to a customer or used by the retailer, it’s still new. This used to happen quite a lot, but now that retailers have gone from ”warehouses” (big buildings for storing merchandise) to ”distribution centers” (the same big buildings, but equipped with computerized inventory tracking systems) the odds of something–especially a big-ticket item like an appliance–sitting in the DC for…

Urbz sims in the city how to use the catalog?

its only choices of the sale item u can buy it at mall/thrift store

Where can one find polycom phones for sale?

”Mostly on the internet, though you may be able to find one in an electronics store. Any online retailer that sells electronics will have them available.”

Explain about a company being both a retailer and a wholesaler at the same time?

A company can be both a retailer and a wholesaler if they choose to sale to consumers directly and sell to other businesses at a discount. Typically when this happens businesses will not receive a discount that is extremely low because they are competing with the business that supplies the goods.

Can a store give you less for a return if the item goes on sale?

Yes they can. The exception is that you must have a sales receipt to prove that you paid more. Otherwise, they have the right to refund only the sale price.

What is this difference between sale and clearance?

A clearence is when the clothing for example is out of season and needs to be sold and a sale is when the store owner takes a specific percentage off of that price to sell more of the item.

Where could one go to find discounted stable rugs for sale?

One can go to find discounted stable rugs for sale at your official thrift store, which will have lots of rugs that you can choose from. This will allow you to use lots of decisions before you choose.

Where can one buy a magic 8 ball?

A Magic 8 Ball can be purchased from any retailer that sells novelty gifts and toys. Retailers such as Hot Topic and Spenser’s Gifts sell this type of item. Online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon also list this item as being for sale.

A store is having a 20 percent off sale if the reduced price of an item is 63.60 what was its original price?

The original price was $79.50

Can I return an item from one Victoria’s Secret store to another store?

Yes, you can return an item to a Victoria’s Secret in another location. However, if the item was on sale or bought under promotion, there may be special circumstances regarding it and you will need to check your receipt for further details. There’s also usually a limited amount of days you can return your item for full credit.

What does guide price mean?

It’s the ”around here” or approximate price of the item. A certain store or seller may choose to sell it a bit lower. the term is frequently used in auction rooms. It provides the potential purchaser to have ”an estimated” cost of an itiem going for sale. It also allows the seller to know what they can potentially expect their item to be sold for if bidding goes in their favour.

Where are they locate and why only in those places?

To determine where something is located for example a computer for sale it will be located in a computer store. Why the products are there is because it makes sense it is logical to store the same type of item in a store together.

What is a single item grown for sale?

A single item grown for sale is a crop. Corn, alfalfa, wheat, beans, and tobacco are examples of a single item grown for sale.

How long should an item be on sale be for it can be sold at a sale price?

You don’t have to have an item on sale for any length of time before it can be sold at a sale price. It can go immediately on sale.

Answers to act key train level 5 applied math?

the department store where you work is having a sale. Every item is to be marked down 30%. What will the sale price of a $53 sweater be? $37.10

Does a retailer have to disclose an up and coming sale of the same item at much lower price?

No, I bought a compaq laptop that was only advertised on the web, could only be bought in the store . They have to move slow moving inventory but the store manager does not have control of all sales in a nat’l chain ie. stores like sam’s especially rebate forms from circuit city, best buy etc do you product research, decide what you can afford / live with and don’t buy the add on store…

What types of items are available for sale at a Sony outlet store?

The items they sale at the Sony outlet store are electronics. They have a wide variety of them. They ranges from TV’s to sound systems to car stereo systems. It is nice to have such wide range of things to choose from when decided on an electronic.

What products are for sale from St Croix Rods?

St Croix Rods is a fishing supply retailer. In their online store you can purchase everything from men, children’s, and women’s clothing to rods, reels, and repair parts.

Where can one purchase discounted Carrera slot cars?

One place to look is an online retailer such as Amazon. They have a discounted price on used cars. Another place to look would be a hobby store when they have a sale.

How much does it cost for one stick of deoderant?

Generally, it is about $3-$5. Differences are based on brand, store, retailer, and if you buy in bulk or on sale or not. Also, the size or amount of the stick could affect the cost.

Where can one purchase Calvin Klein jackets?

A Calvin Klein jacket can be purchased directly from a Calvin Klein retailer or outlet store. Places like eBay may also have previously owned jackets for sale.

Where can one find white gold chains for sale?

Your local jewellery store will be able to supply a selection of white gold chains. They may even be able to make a custom chain to your requirements if they are an independent retailer.

What would the item cost if it were on sale for25 percent off?

Multiply the cost by 0.75 and that is the sale cost of the item.

What is the website CDiscount Photo about?

The CDiscount website is all about french discounts. You can view everything that is on sale and sort by item type or store online at the CDiscount website.

If I am buying something on sale is it also the retail price?

Yes. The retail price is the price you pay in a retail outlet (shops etc) for an item, as opposed to wholesale price which is what the shopkeeper would pay the supplier or manufacturer for many of the items. The sale price is a discount on the normal price the retailer is giving you. It is, however, still the retail price.

Which online retailers have Swarovski crystal bracelets on sale?

The main retailer of Swarovski crystal bracelets is of course Swarovski. Google offers a service where customers can search for the item they desire in Shopping mode. Google will then show you where online you can buy a Swarovski bracelet.

How much does eBay take of a sale?

This varies on what preferences you choose when you list your item. If you are a buyer though you don’t pay any extra charges to Ebay and also if you pay with Paypal.

Where can one find a bass guitar for sale?

One can buy a bass guitar for sale at Best Buy. Best Buy is a store that specializes in electronics. They provide one a huge variety of instruments to choose from as well.

Where can one purchase a bed side table?

One can purchase a beside table from a furniture store retailer. Walmart also carries these types of tables. If one wants to be really thifty they could check at a yard sale.

What retailer carries a Burberry jacket?

There are a few retailers that carry a Burberry jacket for purchase. Saksfifthavenue is one retail store that carries and sells Burberry jackets. Also, someone could find them for sale on ebay or amazon.

What is the difference in buying spa products at wholesale and retail price?

There is a large difference between wholesale and retail prices for any product. Wholesale price are much lower so the retailer is able to markup the price and make a profit off the sale of the item.

How do you get lots of money in Pokemon emerald with gameshark cheatcodes?

go to and go to gba codes and look for Pokemon emerald.there gona be alot of codes but choose max sale price and 바카라사이트 sale a item you don’t want and the cashier will give you alot of cash.


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