A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words! Plug-Ins For Photo Sharing

A well known SEO expert recently said that you ought to make an effort to have at the very least 20 pages of your WordPress site indexed in Google to achieve good rankings. While this is a large generalisation (mainly because it assumes that sites created are of the equal quality knowning that the keyword they are trying to rank for is of the equal difficulty), that is certainly not necessarily a bad idea to follow this principle since it is going to do your website plenty of good.

Find free themes
The very first thing to do is to search the world wide web for a few beautiful free themes to start of with. There are thousands to pick from, some on and others on a whole myriad of other sites. Take your time and locate a couple of that you want the looks of. I never just choose one and initiate with that, because frequently what looks good for the sample looks completely different once you do the installation. I have even download themes and installed them, only to find that they’re not appropriate for certain popular browsers.

Searching the forums can often be a challenging task, but there are a few methods for carrying out a more efficient search. If you’re experiencing trouble with a plugin, try coming to the plugin directory FIRST, then look for a hyperlink within the sidebar (beneath the big download button) called ”Forum posts” — clicking this will require directly to a listing of posts regarding that plugin. Do this prior to trying an overall browse the Forums homepage. The reason is that conducting a search there will give you is a result of ALL of the forums which can be very distracting as you will must sort through a lot of posts which don’t suit your issue.

The other powerful feature of WordPress will be the chance to use plugins. In a nutshell, plugins are utilized to ”extend” your site, or add functionality which bits of code take just a couple clicks to get installed and activated. If you want a true living, breathing CMS or blog that produces people come back for more, plugins help provide that. Plugins provide many functionality, if you have a thought look for it; there is a great chance someone is rolling out a fix already.

You can setup optional features for your way people can log in to discuss your website. Media Attachment is automatically checked. Options are Facebook, OpenID, Twitter and Yahoo. These options also allow your commentators to produce their touch upon sites. This allows for greater traffic. Checking the Akismet link will reduce spam. Reactions will add links to individuals recommending your posting on Twitter, Friendfeed, Digg and several other sites. You can change these options later techniques not worry.

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