Process of air conditioning repair at Bach Khoa Refrigeration

In Hanoi, there are many air conditioners in every district. However, not every unit has experienced regulators and enthusiasts. Thoroughly researching repair units is essential. Among the many units now, Polytechnic Refrigeration is mua diều hòa cũ an phúc address that brings quality repair service and thoughtful service.

Service of repair quality and prestige

Many customers have called the facilities of the Polytechnic Center when the air conditioning is unstable. The center’s air-conditioning service is always appreciated by all customers by:

– Quick repair service: After receiving the call the staff of the center will arrive immediately after 30 minutes – 1 hour. Just check the air conditioner, the staff will find out the condition of the air conditioner and make repairs immediately.

– Commit to repair all problems of air conditioning. With a team of experienced staff, the Refrigeration Technology confident to solve all problems of air conditioning. After the repair process, ensure that the air conditioner works well.

– Provide good quality genuine parts with full stamp, label and warranty card

– The price list includes prices of replacement parts and labor of the workers. Ensure the cost of service at the cheapest center in Hanoi

The standard procedure of repair service in Hanoi

1. Diagnosis of the condition of the condition

– The mechanic will use modern electronic equipment to judge the condition of the air conditioner

– Check all the circuit and line of the regulator

Upon completion of the examination and find out the disease, the technician will report to the customer causes damage and the repair plan.

2 – Perform air conditioning repair

– Modification or replacement of components

– Clean and clean dusty parts. For rusted parts due to lack of oil the worker will add oil to make the parts smooth.

Full equipment from protective equipment to repair equipment. Refrigeration The bakery wants the repair to be done safely and efficiently.

3- Run the air conditioner to check the repair effect

Re-operating the air conditioner will help the technician to evaluate the effectiveness of the repair, to find out the limitations of the milk and how to fix it.

4 – Acceptance and payment

After checking the air conditioner, we will give you a quote detailing the components, the price of the components and the workmanship.

The process of repairing the air conditioner at professional and effective. Not only are the customers praised by the repair service, the center is also loved by the best quality air conditioning maintenance service in Hanoi. Contact the nearest facility for details of the service.

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